June 2017

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About us

Ron Fox, owner of Fox Auctions , tells of the greatest business compliment he ever received. For decades, the greatest name in American antiques has been Israel Sack. In 1988, Fox Auctions had a Colonial silver tankard in their live sale, in St Louis.

Mr. Israel Sack was interested, and personally had a private viewing of the piece prior to the sale. He informed us that he would send a representative to St Louis for the live bidding. The night before the sale Mr Sack called Ron. He said, “I have thoroughly checked you out young man, and you have a Sterling reputation.” He went on to directly give his six-figured bid saying he was confident it would be handled honestly and professionally. Our business has always be handled in that manner, with honesty and ethics.

Ron Fox is one of the founders of The Beer Stein College, a two day interactive workshop promoting stein research, that travels throughout the country. Ron is an active member and officer of Stein Collectors International. He is the editor of Prosit, a quarterly publication on the subject of beer steins. He is a worldwide recognized authority on the subject, and gives lectures throughout the country.


We use Live Auctioneers for live bidding, and you can also contact us directly for left bids.